Women Under Siege

I am 70 years old and women of my generation lived all these changes. It is with dismay that we look at the assault on women’s bodies and healthcare. Women’s rights are being relentlessly hacked away, primarily in state legislatures.  My installation for ‘Women Under Siege’ attempts to show the effects of this angry process of hacking and cutting.

A red mannequin is draped in courtly velvet that trails to the floor and across the room. It is a trail of blood and hope and anguish, children and dreams, born or unborn. The mannequin’s womb is a pouch filled with babies. Is her body her own or is her body the state’s? Her head is a basket of ornaments and streamers. Without choices, will she be mindless, disconsolate? The mannequin is restrained in a corner by delicate ropes strung with text – stories told by women friends and statistics that document both violence and social changes.