SiliconStones, Houston Center for Photography

We worked from the premise that human beings have always invested stones withinformation and symbolic meaning. Stones are potent symbols (the black stone in the Kaaba in Mecca), memorials (tombstones), tools (plumb stones, whetstones), markers of time (our moon, Stonehenge), and storage banks (computer chips – our present day Gutenberg). Every piece in the exhibition is an exploration of human beings’ relationships to stone, in both metaphorical and actual ways.

For instance, the piece in the installation called ‘Memory Chips’ encompasses my feelings for particular people in a particular landscape. Each 11 x 11 inch square is representative of a memory – a byte of information – with references or connections to all the other bytes.

The ‘Stone Tepee’ represents our own interior space. We are born into a space and time, stones appear permanent, but tepees are traveling, temporary shelters.

I consider myself a photographer. There are few things I enjoy more than looking through a viewfinder, or dropping a piece of exposed paper into the developing tray; however, I find I am increasingly interested in the context or ‘white space’ between and among visual images. I tried to explore a little of that in this exhibition.