Atablo’ is Fun to See Even In the Time of Coronavirus


Spend some time at Heidi Vaughan Fine Art gallery one of these days and Atablo’ might make you forget the realities of the Coronavirus and Houston’s impossible summer heat. Private appointments only, all visitors must wear masks and maintain social distancing. Lots of hand sanitizer too. So, consider a visit and if you like, I can be there  – six feet away – happy to talk about the collages, the embellished chandeliers, painted chairs and porcelain plates.

Wonder about the word Atablo’? It’s the phonetic spelling of  ‘a tableau’. I’ve spent my life making tableaus of one sort or another. Nothing I like better than arranging interesting objects on a table, laying photos side by side to see narratives begin to form, applying distressed fabrics to painted chairs, embellishing chandeliers. 

Looking forward to your visit to Atablo’ which will remain in gallery through August. Call Heidi for an appointment at (832)875-6477


Website Updates Underway

Cole is busy adding two+ years of updates to this website. Come back in a week and you’ll see series of collages, random pages from a memoir, and news about a probable 2020 exhibition in Dallas, TX.

We are into late summer heavy Houston heat and humidity right now. I’m staying indoors, writing and collaging every day. And binge watching on Netflix and Acorn at night.

Collage above is titled ‘Subsumed by Cheesecake’. Just so you know.