la folie innocente du couer

“It is our hearts that rush headlong here, backtrack there, slide sideways, climb below, fly high, soar wide, fill with warmth, break like waves, crash like glass – all innocence, enthusiasm and perversity.

“It is our hearts that expand with joy at the sight of a friend or a day in the garden and cry with regret for misdeeds and forgetfulness.  It is our hearts that ache when rain is coming and wind brushes through trees. It is our hearts that weep for loves lost.

“It is our hearts that tell us when fewer birds are singing, who to remember and who to forget and how to walk toward our destiny.

“All this is ‘la folie innocente du coeur’.”

With collage and assemblage, I share what I see in this green sunlit space. Collage has always been, for me, a way to explore an alternate world that forever pushes us to fulfill our heart’s destiny.

The portraits invariably reflect, like mirrors, not only the person photographed, but each viewer and the photographer. We do not shape our lives in isolation. The assembled garments, satin bedding, the odd chairs and tiny plastic ladies are intended to lead further into the place where our hearts speak and we follow.